Jule Korneffel

Jule Korneffel is a German artist living in New York. She accomplished her MFA at Hunter College in May 2018 and received a diploma in Fine Arts from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where she studied as a Masterstudent with Tal R. Her work has been shown in several art spaces and galleries, including Maldonado Projects NY, Herkules Art Program, NY, Matjö BBK/ Cologne/ Germany, Lesley Heller Gallery Workspace/ NY, Art Historian Institute Bonn/ Germany, Autocenter/ Berlin, Helpers Gallery/ NY, ltd los angeles/ Los Angeles and recent Solo show at Spencer Brownstone in NYC.

Jule mainly creates paintings including panels and murals. While following an abstract style of inscriptive mark making she maintains a minimalist sensibility. By allowing underpainting to be visible the paintings reveal a process of reduction. This demonstrates that the picture plane is a lived experience in which she is able to arrive at a precision of forms and colors by what she calls floating through its creation.