Mathieu Cherkit                                 Mathieu Bonardet, David Scher
Bettie van Haaster                        Sarah Verbeek, Reinoud van Vught
Arjan van Helmond                         Rezi van Lankveld, Micha Patiniott
Rens Horn                                                  Hans Bol, Philippe Moroux
Karen Lee Williams                                    Julia Norton, Nicole Capps
Erin O’Keefe                                   Christopher Dunlap, Matt Kleberg
Marjolein Rothman                 Alexandra Leykauf, Sebastiaan Schlicher
Marenne Welten                         Pieter Slagboom, Ben Sleeuwenhoek


ALBADA JELGERSMA Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of PAPER WORKS, a group exhibition of works on paper by 24 artists. The opening will be on March 2 from 5-7pm and the exhibition runs through April 26.

ALBADA JELGERSMA has asked artists Mathieu Cherkit, Bettie van Haaster, Arjan van Helmond, Rens Horn, Karen Lee Williams, Erin O’Keefe, Marjolein Rothman and Marenne Welten to each invite two artists to participate in the exhibition. The result is a network of artists and their work.

With PAPER WORKS, the gallery is excited to introduce their newly obtained flat file cabinet. The collection of works on paper in the flat file cabinet will change continuously and grow over time.

In addition to the gallery’s main exhibitions, visitors may now also explore the drawers of the flat file together with the gallery director. Armed with white gloves, they will be able to come in direct contact with the work, resulting in a more intimate experience. Stay tuned for details on the collection, which the gallery will present on the website soon.

Most people think of drawing when it comes to works on paper, but one can also think of collages, monotypes, cyanotypes, painted works, and photographs. What the works in the collection have in common is that paper is part of the work. The choice to focus on works on paper arises from the directness of the medium. The gallery wants to emphasize the diversity of the medium as well.