Serious art calls for serious time. Time to look. To really see the work and allow it to move you. Starting Friday January 17, Albada Jelgersma Gallery invites you to Seven x Seven. Seven weekends, seven Dutch artists: Rob Johannesma, Bettie van Haaster, Arjan van Helmond, Rens Horn, Misha de Ridder, Marjolein Rothman and Marenne Welten.

Two days for each artist. Just you and one or two works. Take a seat. Have something to drink. Jot down responses and reflections in a notebook. Just let art do its work.

The exhibitions will be on view Fridays from 11am-7pm and Saturdays from 11am-6pm. If you come on Fridays between 6 and 7 pm chance is that you meet the artist as well.

Session One | Misha de Ridder

Friday January 17, 11am-7pm
Saturday January 18, 11am-6pm

For our first Session, we are excited to invite you to the premiere of Misha de Ridder’s video The City in the Sea (Ault V), 2017.

In one take of twenty-nine minutes, De Ridder has captured the horizon of the ocean on a winter morning in Northern France. The almost abstract colour palette invites you to let go of preconceived notions and to question what it is you are looking at. As you get immersed in the work, you start to see slight changes in the density of the light and minimal shifts in the hue of the colour spectrum are revealed. The rhythm of the waves, the distant sound of the ocean, sometimes interrupted by a passing seagull, invoke the sensation of an intermediate state of ‘pure perception’, bringing you closer to the mystery of reality of the world before interpretation.

The video The City in the Sea (Ault V) is part of Misha de Ridder’s project Falaise, it is also a photo book published by Roma Publications in 2016. The work will be projected on a special 4K projector on a 2 by 3 meters screen generously supplied by BeamSystems allowing for unprecedented colour and image resolution.

Misha de Ridder (1971, Alkmaar) is a visual artist working mainly with photography and video, based in Amsterdam. His work has been widely exhibited, amongst others at Coda Museum, FoMu Photo Museum Antwerp, Museum of the City of New York, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Foam, Amsterdam. De Ridder published several monographs: Sightseeing (2000), Wilderness (2003), Abendsonne (2011), Dune (2011), Solstice (2012) Falaise (2016) and High up close by (2019).

Coming Sessions:

Session 2 | Friday January 24 & Saturday January 25 | Rob Johannesma
Session 3 | Friday January 31 & Saturday February 1 | Marenne Welten
Session 4 | Friday February 7 & Saturday February 8 | Rens Horn
Session 5 | Friday February 14 & Saturday February 15 | Marjolein Rothman
Session 6 | Friday February 21 & Saturday February 22 | Bettie van Haaster
Session 7 | Friday February 28 & Saturday February 29 | Arjan van Helmond