Albada Jelgersma 






ALBADA JELGERSMA was founded in September 2017 by Renée and Lucas Albada Jelgersma (brother and sister). As of January 2019 Renée Albada Jelgersma continued the gallery by herself.  As of November 2022 the gallery has closed his doors.


The gallery is located on Lijnbaansgracht 318 in the centre of Amsterdam. The gallery’s goal is to bring groundbreaking contemporary art from abroad to the Netherlands. It aims to contribute to the conversation that makes art vital: events are organised bimonthly where artists, art critics, scientists and art lovers meet to investigate and share the meaning and value of art. The gallery shows new exhibition every two months.


The gallery wants to connect and does that by organising, among other things, lectures to teach novice art lovers more about art and purchasing.


Renée Albada Jelgersma has worked for years in the New York art world. After her Master in Arts Administration at Indiana University (Indiana, USA) she completed internships with Christie’s, David Zwirner and LMAKprojects. In 2010, Renée joined Peter Blum Gallery, a leading gallery in New York. In 2014 and 2015 she worked for Flatland Gallery in Amsterdam,  where after she returned to Peter Blum Gallery as associate director in 2016.