Yann Lacroix

Yann Lacroix (1986) lives and works in Paris, France. He graduated from the Fine Arts School in Clermont-Ferrand and exclusively practices painting. Yann Lacroix's landscapes deploy a utopian and fantasized iconography, guided by his memories of trips and the potential memory of these silent places. Their luxuriant appearance is reminiscent of the most popular travel destinations, which have become symptomatic of a desire to reconnect with a lost paradise, causing paradoxically the creation of artificial spaces. In his works, these places are transformed into a mirror of painting punctuated by the play of appearances. The blurred areas contrast with the detailed as a research around the potential evanescent nature of the images. Like metaphors of the process of memory, Yann Lacroix's works thus combine blurred spaces and particularly precise areas, creating strong contrasts.