Bettie van Haster : Nieuw Werk

12 October - 17 November 2018

Galerie ALBADA JELGERSMA is pleased to present new work by Bettie van Haaster. This is her first solo exhibition at Albada Jelgersma. On view will be new paintings and works on paper in the exhibition, all made in 2018.


Bettie van Haaster mostly works on a small scale. She works in a limited palette with thick layers of oil paint. A painting is made up of structures that are used in a tactile rhythmic way. She examines the image that stands on the canvas and plays with representation and imagination; figuration and abstraction. She builds up a painting with multiple structured layers and a tactile rhythmic surface. She investigates the image that evolves on the canvas, playing with reality and the imaginary, creating a world for the viewer to interpret, the titles merely giving suggestions. Over long periods of time she uses the same palette, resulting in a timeline of paintings that go from one to the next, like a story that evolves. During this process each discovery is taken into the next work. Though small in size, the works take over the space and viewer in a mental and physical way.