Passage II: Group exhibition with 10 painters from Paris, curated by Mathieu Cherkit

11 June - 16 July 2022


Albada Jelgersma Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of Passage II, a group exhibition curated by Mathieu Cherkit, with  Marion Bataillard, Romain Bernini, Amélie Bertrand, Mireille Blanc, Mathieu Cherkit, Julia Cottin, Yann Lacroix, Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Maude Maris and Julien des Monstiers. The opening is June 11, from 5-7 pm.


For this exhibition Mathieu Cherkit carefully selected a group of nine young painters that represent what is happening in French painting today. Although there is a wide variation in subject matter and technique, they share an approach that Cherkit finds representative of this generation. The paintings are often colorful and figurative, representing the visible world. With a human presence that is felt, rather than seen. 


The painters in this exhibition are all aged between 36 and 43. They came up at a time when painting, although still taught at academies, was often considered somewhat outdated. A new generation went against the mold and contributed to bringing about the resurgence of painting in France. A tendency that can be seen elsewhere as well, with artists using a medium that’s been around for many centuries in a way that speaks to today’s audiences.